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African Animals  (Click on images to enlarge thumbnails)

Zebra Lioness 1 Lioness 2 Baby Croc

Rhino Dik-Dik Kudu Does

Kudu Buck

Elephant in Grass Giraffe Zebra Pair Water Hole

Marabou Stork

Elephant in Trees 1 Elephant in Trees 2 Elephant in Trees 3

 Impala  Bucks African Openbill European Roller Weavers


Digital watercolours were created by Rosemary Davies-Janes.  African animal art reference photographs were taken in Southern Africa by Shari Eppel, and are used with permission. Baby Croc, Impala Bucks, Marabou Stork, Rhino and Weavers art reference photos were taken in South Africa by Rosemary Davies-Janes.. All artwork is Copyright © 2013, Miboso Art. All rights reserved in all media.
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