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Enhance your living space...  Celebrate friends & family...   Promote yourself...   Boost your business

PROBLEM:  As a well connected individual, are you searching for unique and simple ways to
                       stay in touch with, appreciate and celebrate, the people who matter most to you?

SOLUTION: Our Art Cards, Prints, Canvases and Calendars make it easy to let them know you care.

PROBLEM:  As a dynamic and discerning person, does your home or office reflect your style,
                        taste and interests?

SOLUTION: Choose an outstanding, original creation from our gallery or contact us to commission
                       your own custom Art Cards, Prints, Canvases or Calendars.

PROBLEM:  As a independent professional or business owner:
Are you making it easy for overwhelmed, confused consumers to find you?
                               ~ Is doing "what everyone else does" making you blend in, when you want to stand out?

SOLUTION: Custom branded Art Cards and Calendars create buzz, attract the attention of new clients,
                       build loyalty, and increase the frequency and size of your existing customers' purchases.


 We offer two distinct and complimentary services.



  We create original custom artwork that reflects your taste
and expresses your custom brand. .

Preserve the pleasure of special moments, people and places with original artwork
presented as frame-able Prints, Canvases, Calendars or Art Cards.

And if, like most of our new clients, you haven't defined your custom brand yet, don't stress. 
We can do that for you!



  Our art products can be used for decorative, commemorative,
and revenue generation purposes.

Boost the emotional appeal of your business! 
Marketing your products or services with custom art reminds repeat clients of your unique value
and brings them back, again and again.  It engages prospects' interest - and - makes you stand out
in your competitive market.

What is Custom Branded Art?

It is... a sketch, illustration, or painting that captures the essence of your unique
strengths and values, as an individual, an independent professional or a business.

What Does Custom Branded Art Do?

1. It makes you stand out in the crowd...
by presenting you or your business, in a unique, memorable way.

2. It attracts new opportunities & clients... by provide a conversation piece that keeps the people who know
                                                                               you talking about you to the people who don't.

3. It keeps you top of mind... by providing a vivid, visual cuethat keeps your strengths and benefits in your
                                                     clients' daily sightlines.

4. It gets you referred and chosen, more often... by keeping you top of mind.

5. It produces new revenue... by providing a custom branded product that your customers are eager to buy.

For example, if you're a florist, Art Cards that display custom paintings of your most popular arrangements gives you a revenue generating product that also builds your business and makes you stand out!

How Can My Custom Branded Art be Presented?

1. Art Prints  and Canvases...
 have a high perceived value, yet are very affordable.
                                                        They also have a long display life,  from 2 to 10+ years.

2. Art Cards... are a cost effective way to make a big impact.

Recall the warm feelings you experience whenever you receive a card to thank, appreciate
or celebrate your special event.  Even ordinary cards are displayed and enjoyed for weeks.
Beautiful, unique or custom Art Cards are often framed and kept on display for years.

3. Art Calendars... are highly functional decorative items that provide users with a fresh image
                                  (and reminder of you) each month.

4. Other Products... also convey your custom branded art: T-shirts, coffee mugs, water bottles, and more. 
                                     We'll help you choose the ideal products for YOUR custom branded art.

Who's Behind It?

Rosemary Davies-Janes is a marketing and branding veteran whose work has supported
some of the world's best known brands.

In her her late teens, she became an award winning artist, and won a scholarship to an Art College in South Africa. A few years later, after graduating from university with an Honors
BA in Psychology, she went to work in a rehabilitation hospital.

Pure clinical psychology turned out to be a mismatch for Rosemary's skills and interests.
When she entered the world of Marketing and Branding, she found her fit. By fusing her
passion for art and design with her insights into motivation and behavior, she uncovered
the mechanics that drive human achievement and success.

In 1998 Rosemary founded MIBOSO®, a full service brand agency that provides personal and business brands
that stand out (for all the right reasons). Authentic Personal Branding and Authentic Business Branding clients
consistently leverage their brands' credibility, authority and relevance to positively dominate their professions
and markets.

In 2011, Rosemary wrote the most comprehensive and well-validated personal branding program in existence.
Her 26-Step Authentic Personal Branding System blends her extensive expertise with the in-depth experience
gained fulfilling the marketing, branding and sales needs of thousands of clients.

Late last year, Rosemary revisited her artistic roots, and revived an innovative business model that extends an
individual's or business' brand to their immediate surroundings. (Custom Branded Design) After experimenting
with digital drawing and painting tools, she also created a method for capturing the essence of individual and
business brands in original works of art. (Custom Branded Art)

Today Rosemary divides her time between supporting individual clients' custom branding needs, and providing
external custom branding resources to businesses.

For more information, or to book a time to discuss your custom branded art requirements, contact...

Rosemary Davies-Janes
® Custom Branded Art
rdj @ miboso.com

Mobile: 289 242 8452


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