A Few Clients Say How Our Work 
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1. My work with business owners is collaborative. We dig deep to find gold, or 'pay dirt.'

2. My clients appreciate how the insights they gain shift their business beliefs & perspectives.

3. ​When our work together is complete, many clients come back many times, and refer their friends & colleagues. 


The major benefits my clients gain are clarity and confidence. They learn why clients choose them. They find out about all of the unique value they provide. 

To reinforce the marketing messages I craft, I advise my clients to use my Phenomenal Testimonial approach. It lets their customers give them amazing reviews, with ease, while enjoying the experience.

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What My Clients Say

Kathleen Field
Success Coach & Healer 
Scituate, MA, USA
I finally stretched out of my comfort and joined the ranks of those who have benefited from the very generous and ENORMOUSLY talented Rosemary. In just under an hour I left all my “mind chatter” in the dust and emerged with a marketing line I can confidently and proudly lead with!
Dawn Trautman
Founder, Big Picture, Big Purpose,
New York, NY, USA
I’ve wanted to expand my “Big Picture Big Purpose” business beyond leaders at churches and non-profits. Rosemary helped me fit together all of the diverse pieces of my background. Thank you  for the amazing clarity!
Victoria Yornet
Business Growth & Marketing Consultant, Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
I just had a beautiful, human, highly effective session with Rosemary. She's
a rock star! When I first read all of the comments written by those she had helped, I was on the ”That's amazing” side of the fence. Today I'm on the “OMG YES!” side. Thank you for your amazing support!

Diana Francis

Founder, Living My  Dreams
Toronto, ON, CANADA

I've Worked with Rosemary 3 Times in the past 16 Years.
the Results I've Gained Are Long Lasting.  They Transcend Years.

I turn to Rosemary for the same reason every time... I get to a point in life where, despite doing my very best, something's not working. That's when I call her, because no-one else in my life has influenced me or challenged me to seize my power like Rosemary does. 

She demands that I recognize my abilities, own that I am a powerhouse, keep my focus and persevere. Rosemary sees the big picture that I can't see when I'm in it. She looks at where I'm heading and what will happen if I stay on a certain course. When I listen - I get great results. 

Authentic is who Rosemary IS - that word has resonated with me through the years. If she thinks I'm  playing small, she calls me on it, sits back. and lets me process.  Eventually, I come full circle, which is what I have done, 4 times now.    

What she offers is tangible value, substance, not fluff. I still have the foundational work we did together in 2003. I keep going back to it as it's always relevant.

Rosemary cares about me as a human being, as well as a business owner. And because she cares, she reads me the riot act when I need that.  I tell anyone who has even a thought of working with her: "Don't let it stay a thought. Make it an action." I also tell them: "Rosemary's going to call you on your crap. So if you're not ready to show up or commit, don't call her.  If you are ready to show up, call her and she'll help you get what you want." 
Gili Levitin
Doula, Central Park Midwifery 
Brooklyn, NY, USA
Rosemary opened my eyes to a gold-mine in the questionnaire I give my new clients. After talking with her I went back and read the answers to find so much clarity with regards to what it is that my clients need, and why they seek my service and support.
Darleen Ghirardi
Executive in Transition 
Henderson, NV, USA
Working with Rosemary heightened my efficiency, performance and satisfaction, in my life and my work. The clarity I gained from her delivered a very special bonus: a logical, consistent method I use to mentor  others to heighten their performance.
Sheila Kelly
Founder,  The Big Yes Centre 
Halifax, NS, CANADA
Rosemary 'gets' me. She listens, unlike other professionals who didn't understand what I wanted and needed. At the same time, she doesn't hesitate to call me out when I'm taking the wrong marketing path. She gently and confidently points me in
the right direction, melding her practical expertise with soulful compassion.  

Heather Dollar

CEO, God + Business,
Bethlehem, GA, USA

I was completely overwhelmed by the task of re-purposing
the content I had already created…

I just couldn’t bring it together in a cohesive flow to create a sales letter.  I was also struggling to write a marketing email sequence. Rosemary did magic! She took what I had attempted and transformed it into a cohesive, well written, professional sales letter. 

She also took my previously created content and transformed it into a powerful, email sales sequence. I feel so much more prepared for my launch, so much more confident in talking about and “selling” my program. It relieves so much pressure for me! Going forward I now have something I can use over and over that I feel really good about and completely confident in.

Rosemary is wonderful to work with. She’s professional and really knows how to take different pieces and bring them together to capture and express your purpose. If you want someone who captures your voice and can truly deliver, Rosemary is the “Go To” person in the industry.

I’ve paid hundreds of dollars in the past to get similar marketing copywriting support and felt it was a waste of money. Rosemary not only delivered but she cared enough to get my thoughts and opinions before finalizing everything.  I’m truly thankful!
Morag Donald
 Incentive Insight,
Markham, ON, CANADA
Using in-depth skills and expert analysis, Rosemary delved into the essence of who I am and what is unique about me. She wove this into all of my marketing. So when I gave my new business card to industry peers at an international trade show, feedback was resoundingly “That is so you!”  She also helped me find a niche that perfectly fits my passions and skills. 
Kathrine Brown
Principle, Conscious Weight Loss,
Toronto, ON, CANADA
Rosemary’s approach is a highly collaborative distillation of concepts that result in palpable excitement when you realize you’ve uncovered your essence. Working with her is always purposeful, never indulgent. She quickly and effortlessly pinpoints the substance in your stream of consciousness remarks. I recommend her to others without hesitation.
Andrea Shea Hudson
Life & Business Strategy Coach,
Barrie, ON, CANADA
 Rosemary is the first person who so clearly 'got' who I am. Her unique warmth and directness is combined with an uncanny ability to see and convey the unique greatness in a person. Since working with her, I have become incredibly clear about
my passion and purpose. It is with great enthusiasm and certainty that I recommend her to anyone wanting to up-level their business and/or brand.

Dani Williams

Founder, The Creators Academy
Fishers, IN, USA

I was launching my newest business, struggling to organize
my entrepreneurial brain, paralyzed by terrible writers block…

I did not have a solid mission statement. I hadn’t defined my client avatar and I had not even THOUGHT about defining my core values.  How can a business thrive + sustain with a weak foundation?

I am 100% a DIY-er Entrepreneur.  So to ask/hire someone to help me is a totally NEW concept for me. My biggest obstacle was that I thought I could DO IT ALL!! (That’s pride + ego people!) After my FIRST session with Rosemary, I recognized that to be the BEST at what I do, I NEEDED another brilliant mind to help.  I needed another perspective, another voice.  I needed someone to take the reins on the work that was overwhelming for me + that was blocking me from progressing in other areas. Rosemary filled the gaps.  She was my creative voice when I couldn’t be. She audited my website and helped me rewrite my service descriptions, my ‘about me’ section, and organized my testimonials so that they would be effective! (All stuff that I didn’t want to do!)

Rosemary also helped me micro-niche my audience and gave me the words + content I needed to perfect my brand. She gave me clarity and helped me gain the confidence I needed to do a soft-launch for my business.  After each session, I felt SO good. Progress had been made, and I knew that what she was creating for me was going to be brilliant, and was going to create the shine + luster I was looking for to level up my brand.

When I recommend Rosemary to others, I tell them, DON’T WAIT!  There is SO much valuable content that you will gain, content that will make you confident in your abilities, content that will increase your income + productivity.  You will be able to organize your thoughts, you will be able to confidently delegate work so that you can stay focused and thriving in your genius zone!I have truly + thoroughly enjoyed working with Rosemary, creating + establishing pieces of my business that I had never even thought to design!  She cultivated not only a creative space for us to work in but also a friendship. I can’t thank her enough for her creativity + support through this process.  It’s been fun + exciting!!!
Rick Silva
Chief Coach & Visioneer
Living Assets Management, Austin, TX, USA
Rosemary crafted our company brand by capturing the essence of who we are as individuals and as a team.  Through her enormous creativity and intuition we were able to translate both the facts and the essence of this business into words, pictures and colors that convey the message this company is speaking.
Sharon Hearty
Founder, Ultimate Power Partnership,
County Donegal, IRELAND
You are a treasured gift and I'm sure your clients all rave about you in this way. Your innate sense of a person is unique, a supernatural empathy; a super consciousness. You do much more than deliver the message, you enabled me to see my legacy!
Aliya Levinson Kehoe
Aliya Levinson Coaching
New York, NY, USA
You honestly have an amazing ability
to cut through to the core message
so it’s clear, concise and makes sense to others! In our first 30-minutes, you helped me get a clear understanding of who I’m actually serving, plus gave me an amazing one-liner that spoke so directly to the first person who heard it, they scheduled a meeting!

Monique Head

Founder, Feminine Allure
Kansas City, MO, US

It’s hard to see the picture when you’re in the frame…

My old sales page didn’t clearly outline my program or the results I deliver. It didn’t express my clients’ issues or goals in their words. I wanted a sales page that captured their struggles and desires so accurately, when they read it they feel, 'Yes, that’s it! I absolutely need this!' 

Before I hired Rosemary I hesitated.  I had made sales without a sales page, so I wondered, “Do I really need this?” But when I read the copy samples she sent, I felt a visceral response. I liked that. And the suggestions she made really appealed to me. I want women to come to me prepared, knowing that what I offer is what they want, that I’m the one to help them. Because of what I had already seen and what she said in some of our conversations, I
trusted her. More than a marketing copywriter or strategist, she's a master brand architect.

I had trouble identifying all the results I am giving, because coming out of a relationship program, if my clients hadn’t found ‘their man,‘ I tended to feel, 'I failed.'  Rosemary helped me identify the actual results my clients get. There are so many that they want and need BEFORE they are ready to find their man, like letting their guard down and feeling really confident…

Working with Rosemary has been awesome. I got so much clarity. The copywriting, the branding, everything! She really delivered. And the sales page itself, I get high just looking
at it! I keep looking at it and thinking, 'This is so good!' The copy is really good, and I know that I can track to see how many clicks, how truly beneficial it is. Plus I can use parts of this copy it in other places. And the bigger picture… Rosemary helped me clarify my brand. I knew the word but I didn’t really know how a brand worked, what it looked like, how it came together. I felt really confident in her from the start. I went from, 'Do I really need this?' to feeling certain Rosemary could support me in this project. And she did!
Marcia Merrill
Career & LifeTransitions Coach
Baltimore, MD, USA
Rosemary was with me every step of the way, with wisdom, warmth and wit. She made complex ideas easy, even fun! With her expertise, I now have a marketing plan, financial strategies and a brand that I resonate with! She listened and really “got” me! I highly recommend her to established and new entrepreneurs alike. Rosemary’s knowledgeable care ensures your enterprise will thrive and flourish!
Ted Behr
Boston, MA, USA
In my profession I am the product,
so knowing who I am, what I offer and what I am passionate about are all critical to my success. In my work with Rosemary, I discovered what makes me different from others in my profession and what I'm excited about. Then we put it all together. She has been with me every step of the way: coaching me, challenging me, eliciting my thoughts, sharing her ideas; being exceptionally supportive and generous.
Carol Lynn Carter
Keller Williams Realty
Toronto, ON, CANADA
Had it not been for working with Rosemary I'm convinced I would not have made a career change – and certainly not into Real Estate. My lifestyle has already improved. I’m enjoying spending less time at the office and more time with my family. I look forward to keeping in touch and sharing my successes with Rosemary. Also, I am forwarding her website to a few of my friends who could most definitely benefit from her expertise.

Jeffery E Lay

Fighter Pilot ✯ Cancer Killer ✯ Trusted Advisor to the Point Zero Three ✯ Mentoring Winners Worldwide

Rosemary is singularly the best in her business!

She embodies excellence, and is the absolute best in her field. Her proprietary process is the most robust and well thought out I’ve ever seen. She combines her unprecedented attention to detail and her personal passion regarding your business success to create exceptional results. Do not go to market without her on your side.

Working with Rosemary is so much fun – it doesn’t seem like work to me at all. 

She is an extremely professional,  multi-tasking business coach capable of matching intensity and intellect with the most demanding clients imaginable. She remains calm under fire, and focused on the ultimate outcome rather than the minor setbacks. Rosemary is a true “giver” whose clients always feel they’re getting more than they believed possible.

We've worked together on three different projects over the past decade and I recommend her without reservation.
L Kay Wilson
Kay Wilson Coaching, Inc.
Ellington, CT, USA 
 Rosemary's process really works
 and is worth every penny. She drew from me a picture of who I really am and showed me how to convey my essential self to my clients, which I could never have done on my own.  Now I can get my message out there, confident that I'm presenting myself in a powerful and genuine way.
John Allen Mollenhauer
Founder, Performance Lifestyle®
Livingston, NJ, USA
Rosemary helped me get it all started at my business. Nothing is as powerful as a defined brand. It’s more than a logo; it’s a message, a character and a personality that your customers get to know. Rosemary understands this through and through. The master brand document we created is a treasure my company refers to all the time! 
Kathryn Mahoney
President & CEO, Political Capitol Inc. Nashville, TN, USA
I worked with Rosemary when I first started my business. I learned so much and together we created a great brand and strategy for my business. I have recommended Rosemary to many others since then, and hear great things about their results from working with her.

Mare Petras

CEO, Fitness Simply,
Sarasota, FL, USA

This marriage of the personal and professional “real me” was what I desperately needed after many years of living a lie...

I chose Rosemary to help me come up with my business name and brand; Fitness Simply. Her structured process helped me get clear very quickly. She asked good questions, I came up with my own answers. Empowerment 101! I knew she could help me uncover my authenticity because she was truly authentic herself. She is so comfortable in her own skin that I couldn’t help but trust her immediately.

Rosemary is intuitive, honest, real and not afraid to share what she feels, based on her intuition or life experience. She has no problem telling it like she sees it. She has an edge because she took her professional ‘marketing and sales’ experience and created a personal branding business – years before ‘branding’ became the buzz.

Working with Rosemary gave me tremendous clarity.  Her marketing savvy, creativity and intuition propelled me in a direction that eventually led to my ‘brand’ identity.  And though my concept’s been twisted and tweaked over the years – her profound words “simply satisfied…. that’s who you are” continue to repeat in my head as an enduring touchstone.
Debbie Sassen
Financial Planner & Money Coach,
Bait-Shemesh, Yarushalaylm, ISRAEL
Rosemary walked me through how I help my clients and came up with a beautiful and unique tagline: I help people stop making dumb money mistakes. Funny thing is I’ve said it to people before. But when Rosemary says it, it just seems to fit! I know that’s only the tip of the iceberg in terms of crafting my unique brand. But with her guidance on our call and some more work that needs to be done, it's a huge leap in the right direction.
Karin Bauer
Counselor, Horse Journey
Kelowna, BC, CANADA
Rosemary’s creativity and ideas moved me forward with renewed inspiration and commitment. Her expertise, insight and ability to help me overcome obstacles opened up new avenues for me that I previously only 'hoped' for. 
Darcy L Plunkett
Founder, Courageously You,
Dayton, OH, USA
I have MANY interests and passions, and a desire to do them all. Working with Rosemary, I looked at my truth: my values, what matters to me, what I am (and am not) good at, my quirks, likes and dislikes in an honest, fun way, without judgment. Her process, which is thorough and authentic, exposed my TRUE desires in life, and a well thought out strategy to pursue them (and say “No” to what will lead me off course). Wow! Is that freedom to live or what?

Mark S Robertson

Mark Robertson Executive Coaching,
Nashville, TN, USA

I needed help marketing my business... Quite frankly,
I was stuck and couldn’t see a way out.

When I met Rosemary I needed help marketing my business. I knew within 10 minutes that she was the expert that I needed. She nailed that I was tired of doing things by myself and needed to create a way to engage more with other coaches and my clients. I hired her and it was one of the two most important business decisions I’ve ever made.

I have literally nearly tripled my revenues in 3 years and gone from a company that was about to close its doors to one that is finally  thriving. How did that happen? Well, Rosemary started with ME first and then worked on my branding and marketing from there. I think now “Of course, how could it be any other way?” If I don’t understand myself, how can I brand myself and tell others what I have to offer?

In one of our first conversations, after she had read glowing client feedback about me and passed it on to me, I was dismissing it and she boldly stated “When are you going to get it?” At that moment, I got it! That was a huge turning point in my business. Now, I am so clear on WHO I AM that it’s easy to speak about what I offer my clients, and they get it as well.

Rosemary is extremely knowledgeable about branding, marketing and sales, and about how to take someone who knows nothing about it from start to finish! She has a great style in her work, is not afraid to push, and yet also knows when to support with kindness. She is an excellent coach and is able to draw from a person who they really are and what actions in their life will best align them with who they are, both professionally and personally.

I can’t say enough about how much she has helped me–literally helped me save my business and made me a more confident person.

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