What Specific Benefits Does Your Business Deliver?

Why Do Customers Choose You Over Your Competitors?


  • You can't see your business the way your clients' do
  • You need to know what made them choose your business, and what keeps them coming back
  • ​Knowing their perspectives equips you to attract new clients who want what your loyal clients already enjoy


I'll help you get clear, specific answers to both questions. 

Once we know why customers choose your business and what keeps them coming back, I'll craft compelling, memorable, truthful marketing messages that align perfectly with your customers' reviews and new client experiences. Win-win!

Compelling Marketing Messages are Clear, Truthful and Memorable.
They Set Realistic Customer Expectations about the Experience, Products, Services and Support Your Business Delivers.

Sets of compelling custom marketing messages ...

formatted for the media channels your clients' prefer, become your business'...

Marketing Assets: working  24/7 to attract new clients!

Your  Marketing Assets are as Essential to Your Business' Success as Your Products, Services, Systems, Offices, Suppliers and Staff

Marketing Assets are business growth tools: Crafted to pique  curiosity, engage  interest and ultimately, convert prospective customers into new clients.

My clients use their Marketing Assets in traditional and digital marketing channels, as well as
in face-to-face interactions. 

Marketing is not magic. Outcomes
can only be predicted
. And since 99% of my clients are delighted with their results, your odds of success are excellent.

Test this yourself!

Think of a product, service , business or brand you love.  Something you can't imagine giving up or replacing.

Think of everything that keeps you going back. 
  • What does it do for you that you will not give up?
  • ​How does it make your life easier?  Happier?  Better?
  • ​​What problems does it fix?
  • ​​What stress does it eliminate?
  • ​How does it make you feel?
For example, you go to your favorite Coffee Shop because:
  • ​You prefer the flavor of their coffee
  • ​It's a convenient location
  • ​The staff are always upbeat and cheery
  • ​You get served much faster than other coffee shops 
  • ​They know you so well, they  start preparing 'your 'usual'  before you're through the front door
  • ​The  take-away cups keep your coffee hot for an hour
These are the benefits that earned your loyalty! 

What My Clients Say

Dani Williams
Founder, The Creators Academy
Fishers, IN, USA
When I recommend Rosemary to others, I tell them, DON’T WAIT!  You will gain SO much valuable content, boost your confidence, increase your income and productivity, organize your thoughts and confidently delegate so you stay focused and thriving in your genius zone!
Sharon Hearty
Founder, Ultimate Power Partnership,
County Donegal, IRELAND
You are a treasured gift and I'm sure your clients all rave about you in this way. Your innate sense of a person is unique, a supernatural empathy; a super-consciousness. You do much more than deliver the message, you enabled me
to see my legacy!
Aliya Levinson Kehoe
Aliya Levinson Coaching
New York, NY, USA
You honestly have an amazing ability to cut through to the core message so it’s clear, concise and makes sense to others! In our first 30-minutes, you helped me get a clear understanding of who I’m actually serving, plus gave me an amazing one-liner that spoke so directly to the first person who heard it, they scheduled a meeting!

Want More Insight Into My Outlook Before We Meet?  Yes?  Great!

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