Done-For-You Business Turn-Arounds + Growth

Putting YOUR Business on the Fastest Path to 
Re-Emergence + Fulfilling Your Dreams of What It Can Be


  • ​Why is it so hard to find  business turn-around and growth support that delivers consistently positive results?
  • ​How can you run/manage a business, come up with innovative strategies, implement changes, and maintain a busy personal life, all at the same time?

From Overwhelm to Clarity


Sorting out all you need to do to grow, turn around, or get your business ready to sell —while running your business and living your life — can be overwhelming  It distracts you from fulfilling your dream of what your business could be, for yourself and the people / communities it serves. To end the confusion, chart a clear path to your desired result.

Every Business Challenge Has Many Possible Solutions.
But Two Results Are Generally Desired: More Clients And/Or More Sales

This truth makes sense to smart, motivated business owners.  But how?  You don't want to 'do it yourself.'  You're ready to invest to get results. But how do you decide whom to trust?
 Who will deliver what's really best for your business?  And how do you pick them out in a crowd of 'experts' who'll say anything to sell you their stuff... to hit their own targets?

 Do you want someone who 'gets' your goals, has proven expertise,
documented results and stacks of social proof (Customer Reviews)?

Does This Fit You?


  • ​​​​​To grow, or turn-around your business so it makes more of a difference and more money serving more people
  • ​To prepare your business for sale to someone who will honor its good name by continuing your great work


  • ​​​​​​​A motivated business owner who does great work and offers a unique value to your clients

A Bit About Me


  • To 'get inside' your business and and craft 'done for you' growth solutions that produce the results you want.


  • The business turn-around and growth expert who will support you in realizing your dreams for what your company can be.
  • ​​Ready to support your business' emergence from a challenging present into an exciting and successful future

When We Work Together

After you download your years of experience and expertise to me...

You continue working IN your business,
focusing on your daily actives,
working as much or as little as you want, doing what you love.  

While my team and I work ON your business,
designing, building and implementing the custom strategies, tools
and systems needed to produce the specific outcomes you want.

Each step is crafted and sequenced to drive consistent cash-flow and
attract enthusiastic clients who deliver the rave reviews and
that support your business' growth and profitability!

If you feel we have the potential do great work together...
 Fill in your Challenge Brief (to tell me what you're up to) then book your
Exploration Call. Let's invest 20 minutes to explore what's possible.
What My Clients Say
Julie Martin
Owner, Body Essentials Holistic Spa,
Lake Havasu City, AZ, USA
Rosemary ROCKS! I just finished a session and am blown away with the clarification she assisted me with.  She is the real deal and comes straight from the heart.
Jeffery E Lay 
 Lieutenant Colonel,
US Navy (Retired)
Rosemary is capable of matching intensity and intellect with the most demanding clients imaginable. She remains calm under fire, and focused on the ultimate outcome rather than the minor setbacks; a true “giver” whose clients feel they’re getting more than they believed possible.
Diana Francis
Founder, Living My Dreams
Toronto, ON, CANADA
The value that Rosemary offers is tangible. She delivers substance, not fluff. No-one else in my life has challenged me to seize my power like she has. When I listen, I get exactly what I need in the moment,  plus amazing results that transcend years.

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