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  • Great working partnerships are built on clearly stated expectations and a good fit between your needs and my ability to fulfill them.
  • ​Here's how we assess our fit; quickly and accurately.


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Are You... Done With
The Runaround? 
Ready For Customized 
Marketing Strategies & 
Tools That Make Your 
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As an Established Business Owner


  • ​Trying to do too much yourself?
  • ​Wasting time & money on DIY Training that doesn't work?
  • ​Chasing 'Shiny Objects?' 
  • ​Letting convincing experts sell you 'Magic Bullets?'
  • ​Hiring people who 'don't get it' or 'don't get it done?'


  • ​Make more of an impact by serving more customers?
  • ​Increase your profits?
  • ​Stand out for the unique value you deliver?
  • ​Hire expert support to 'get it done right?'
  • ​Invest wisely in your business' growth?

As an Experienced Marketer

I offer a full range of Marketing Products and Services.
 My clients say they what value most are my:

  • ​Expert Guidance  and Collaborative Approach
  • ​Relaxed Interactions that make Marketing 'Fun'
  • ​'Done For You' Custom Marketing Strategies 
  • ​ 'Done For You' Custom Marketing Assets (Tools) 
  • 'Hands On' Project Management
  • ​​Proven Results

To get a sense of all I can do for your business
    my Products & Services Overview

If you feel we have the potential do great work together... fill in your
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What My Clients Say
Mark Robertson
Principal, Mark Robertson Executive Coaching, Nashville, TN, USA
I can’t say enough about how Rosemary helped me save my business. I was stuck and couldn’t see a way out. Hiring her was one of the two most important business decisions I’ve ever made. I nearly tripled my revenues in 3years and am finally thriving. 
Monique Head
Founder, Feminine Allure Academy 
Kansas City, MO, USA
Working with Rosemary was awesome. I got so much clarity. She really delivered! My old sales page didn’t outline my clients’ results, issues or goals. Now it captures their struggles and desires so accurately, when they read it they feel, “Yes, I need this!” 
Heather Dollar
CEO, God + Business
Bethlehem, GA, USA
Rosemary did magic!  She took what I had attempted and transformed it into a cohesive, well written, professional sales letter and a powerful email sales sequence. If you want someone who captures your voice and can truly deliver, Rosemary is the “Go To” person in the industry.

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